Friday, September 28, 2007

Mother of three grown children and cool teenager discovers Pink Floyd

It all started one day in the car when Emma was listening to the radio, and THE SONG came on. What is that? Turns out it was the beginning of Shine On You Crazy Diamond. I was hooked. I now own my own CD and have found David Gilmour. I have the DVD of his performance at Prince Albert Hall Remember That Night. Click on the title Mother of three..... above for a preview.

Thank you, David. Shine On.


The Lindahl News said...

Rock on, girlfriend!

headbanger_71369 said...

Hey, I saw that you like David Gilmore?!? You should go back to my blog: and vote for him in my new poll:
"Who's your favorite guitarist?"

I should get around to posting about Pink Floyd, they're a REALLY awesome band. Thank your daughter for me for introducing you to their music!

Spirit Bear said...

I will do that! between my three daughters they introduce me to some good things - latest is Andrew Bird. On David Gilmour's homepage it says Verizon offers Shine On as a ring tone - hmmmm. Did you check out Paul Winter? maybe a bit tame for you, but his soprano saxophone is sweet!